Self-Sufficiency Through Employment


Self Sufficiency Through Employment

"Employing Today’s Workers for Tomorrow’s Future"

About Us

Self-Sufficiency Through Employment was established by two individuals working a U.S. Department of Labor Social Security Administration Initiative, known as the Disability Program Navigator (DPN). The DPN Initiative was to promote comprehensive services and work incentives for Social Security Administration beneficiaries and other persons with disabilities, through the One Stop system.
The Initiative focused on training One Stop career center staff on how to better serve individuals with disabilities; develop new and ongoing partnerships to achieve seamless comprehensive and integrated access to services. Ultimately to create systemic change and expand the workforce development system's capacity to serve customers with disabilities and employers.
Upon the end of the U.S. DOL – SSA Initiative, both partners concluded and identified the enormous challenges of seeking employment was still challenging for people with disabilities and more work needed to be done.
In 2010 both partners joined forces with the Social Security Administration “Ticket to Work” Program. The Ticket to Work and work incentives improvement Act of 1999 was signed into law to increase the options for individuals with disabilities who desire to return to work.


Both partners have over 30 years of combined experience in recruitment, job-placement, management and a proven track record of networking. As partners we truly strive to achieve full employment for our consumers along with removing the barriers to employment through advocacy and social service referrals, ultimately resulting in our consumers achieving self-sufficiency and independence.